The Conduit

We will be a coworking facility and more. Our goal is to be the first multi-industry facility where entrepreneurs, freelancers, teams, techies, makers, bakers and dreamers come together.

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Our Roadmap

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    We would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to give us your feedback on coworking. We will use this data to ensure we are providing the best set of services and facilities for your business needs.

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Our Offerings
  • Shared Office Space
  • Team Space
  • Phone / Privacy Booths
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Social Space / Break Area
  • 3D Printing & Open Hardware Area
  • Machine Shop
  • Commercially Licensed Kitchen
Coworking Benefits
  • Meet clients with structure
  • Furniture condusive to work
  • Built-in networking opportunities
  • Socialize wtih others outside your industry
  • Skill Sharing & Workshops
  • Built-in feedback & pitching opportunities
  • Ability to partner together for larger projects
  • Affordable professional space without long term commitments
Our Mission

Our goal is creating and maintaining a strong community of diverse businesses and individuals.

We believe that we can accomplish the impossible on a daily basis by enabling our members to succeed.

We believe the space needs to adapt and change over time, based on member needs. We have planned for this from the beginning by giving members voting rights. Members will vote on changes to facility as well as future equipment and supplies.

Our business is helping yours.